Kadmon Biologics



Current therapeutic focus

Immune Disorders, Fibrotic Diseases and Cancer

IL-15 Platform

Kadmon is developing next-generation immuno-oncology therapeutics, specifically IL-15 containing fusion proteins, for the treatment of cancer.

Why IL-15?

IL-15 is a cytokine that expands key tumor-fighting immune cell types, including natural killer (NK), NKT cells and memory CD8+ T cells, to induce long-lasting responses. Importantly, IL-15 does not expand immunosuppressive Treg CD4 cells, allowing for a robust and durable anti-tumor response.

IL-15 has been validated in clinical trials as an immunostimulatory cytokine with potential to treat a variety of tumor types.  Recombinant IL-15 has a limited therapeutic window because of its short half-life and systemic stimulation, which has limited its use at relevant doses in patients. 

Kadmon’s strategy to address these challenges is to combine IL-15 with select antibodies to direct IL-15 to the tumor microenvironment. This strategy limits systemic exposure of IL-15 to potentially increase safety and tolerability.